Spiritual development is not an easy path to take; it is a path of testing. Why? For when you embark on this path, you begin to clear away hundreds of incarnations of locked stale energy that has never been expressed. This energy began as a thought, either in this lifetime or a past lifetime, but was never spoken or acted upon. It stays within the body, and in the soul memory.

Each soul has chosen the time to be tested and how they will be tested in order for the soul to learn the lessons they have chosen. Each soul chooses to learn and grow through lessons, as it is those lessons that educate the soul and allow for soul memories to be released. Your spirit guides, guardians and the Masters manage the tests you have set up for your own spiritual development. You have chosen these tests before you were born, and generally there will be three rounds of testing for each lesson. If you fail the test, the lesson will be continually brought up in your life until it is completed. You will have to pass each of the three rounds of testing, or start all over once again. You will be tested again and again, until the lesson has been conquered.