Everyone is born to experience a life with happiness, joy, success, and abundance. However, many cannot create that success because the Self, like a dog with a bone, keeps chewing away at the negative energy from the past. Fear is the bane of the Earth plane, stopping each and every person from moving forward to take their rightful place among those who are successful, those who have already removed their fear.

Before you can be successful, you must destroy every part of the Self; if not, it will sabotage you and stop you from attaining the success you deserve. On a deep subconscious level is where the Self part of each individual resides. The Self is the embodiment of deep fear, as long as that fear is present, it will never allow you to open up fully into the person you can be. People spend their lives allowing their Self to do all sorts of things to stop them from having success without even realizing what is taking place.