Life is about balance. Whenever there is a balance in your life, there is harmony, peacefulness and happiness. Learning to receive from others is one of the life lessons many souls have chosen to learn. Whenever there is a giving, there should be a receiving in order to balance the energy. Energy needs to flow and energy needs to be in balance.

There are souls on the Earth plane that have no problem giving their energy to others, either through giving money, material items, or help. By giving to others, they feel good, valued and they are happy. However, whatever you do, there has to be an exchange of energy. If you have helped someone, you need to allow the other person to give you an exchange of energy for the help, unless the help was given as a karmic debt. Energy exchange can be buying a gift, giving money, or by doing something in return. By doing so, you do not create karma or an energy imbalance. There is nothing wrong with helping someone who asks for help. However, you must ensure that you are not stopping them from learning their life lessons, and that you are not incurring new karmic debt nor creating imbalance in your own energy.