Life is a journey, making mistakes and faltering on the journey is a part of life. For so long, humanity has been conditioned to think that, “you have to be perfect to be good.” So many people push themselves so far to attain perfection, believing that only if they are perfect, can they be well respected or honored. This is far from the truth. While you are on the Earth plane, and the Self is in control, you cannot be perfect. Striving to be perfect creates a need in the Self to fight even more. Stop trying to be perfect. Instead, you can start to love yourself. For until you love yourself, and forgive yourself for all that you have considered to be wrong, you cannot achieve perfection. Love is the foundation of perfection of the soul.

Be aware, that as long as you have unresolved past life issues, fear, doubt, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, anger, judgment, unhappiness and dis-ease, or any other negative emotions in your life, you cannot be perfect. However, as you start working on these issues and energies, you are moving towards perfection of the soul.