There cannot be world peace, if peace at home has not been achieved. You cannot have peace within yourself, if you cannot find peace in your own relationships, home or environment. Peace has to come from your heart, with the knowledge and understanding that all souls are different and unique. There are no two people alike on the Earth plane. You can have a different belief system from someone, and still be friends with them.

When you peacefully coexist with another, their beliefs, and their way of doing things, then you step forward in vibration, away from the criticism and judgment, and toward tolerance and understanding. Imagine a garden of many different flowers, they all live together. Some flowers are tall, and some flowers are small, there are even those flowers known as weeds here and there, yet they all live together in harmony. The human family, work environment, relationships and the world can be like that garden, all living in harmony. The process to achieve this begins with you.