past life

Life is a continuation of soul evolution. The soul chooses to learn specific lessons to work out their karmic debt in each incarnation in order to attain their own soul growth. Each soul chooses what they learn, how they learn and when they learn. It is the individual soul’s choice. Every soul on the Earth plane has been here before, and some will be here again in their future incarnations. Through each incarnation, the soul is working on raising their vibrational state, attaining higher consciousness, and eventually completing the cycle of incarnation on the Earth plane.

Have you ever not liked someone whom you never met before? Are you afraid of going to certain places without knowing why? Do you have any habits, fears, likes or dislikes that you could not help having, but do not know where they come from? Do you have a secret longing to visit a foreign country or a particular place? Do you repeat a phase over and over? Have you ever had strong romantic or emotional feelings for someone whom you never met before? If you have ever had any of these feelings, then you have experienced the power of past lives.