Each of the 88 cards in the deck contains esoteric wisdom from Master teacher Maitreya. Maitreya is an energy from the world of Spirit, often referred to as the World Teacher. His mission is to provide humanity the necessary tools for understanding the process of life, and for each person to gain an awareness of who they truly are. Within the wisdom of these cards, you can learn about anything from the proper use of Sexual Energy, to understanding the levels of consciousness. Maitreya provides information on Water, Exercise, Soul Growth, Family, Intuition and so much more. Along with the wisdom listed on each card, is a beautiful mandala crafted specifically to match the energy and message of it.

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“Your illustrations on Maitreya’s Wisdom Cards are beautiful. I’ve just started using the app, but the pictures and the messages go deep. Thanks for all your work on those.”

Linda Rowland