What is love? Love is pure energy of the Divine. Many people believe that love is passion, romance and intensity. It can be this. It can also be the desire to be with someone, to share their energy, and to help them in any way you can. Love is the need within you to share with another person – no matter what gender – a closeness, and to give and receive affection. Love is looking at another and seeing the beauty in them. It is having compassion and understanding for all living things. It is being non-judgmental, accepting the other person for who they are, and seeing the Divine inside of them, despite any perceived impediments. Love does not want to interfere, nor does it want to stop another from growing. Instead, love gently helps, making suggestions when asked, and allows the other person to find their own answers in their own way.

Love does not give energy to anything. It just allows the flow of life to pass it by, understanding the times when things do not go perfectly. At these times, love is strength and, if allowed, love can conquer the darkness that can accompany difficulties in life. Love has no judgment of another. Love recognizes that each person has his or her own path and own plan for life. Love does not see imperfection. Love can see into the soul and understand why the person has that path to take. Love does not command, demand, nor control. Love does not manipulate, nor dictate; it is never angry. It is unselfish and it is kind. Love cares, and is concerned for the welfare of another. Love is a smile. Love accepts everything. It does not question. Love gives without expectation of anything in return.