What is karma? Karma is cause and effect. For every action there is a reaction. There is a law of the Universe that states, what is given out will come back. However, there is no good karma or bad karma. Karma is created for soul learning and growth. The soul knows when it has stepped over the boundary of life. Each soul has a path to take in its incarnation, and often, that path can become more than it seems. On the personal level, karma is where you need to repay a particular soul for past actions, and you have chosen to do this before your incarnation on the Earth plane.

You can ask of yourself. “Why am I having such difficulty in this life? Why is my life not going smoothly? Why do I have problems or keep facing the same situation in my life”? It can be for two reasons; one is that you have chosen to experience this as part of your learning. Yes, you chose it, nobody else. The second reason is that you have to learn because of karma. In a past incarnation, you created the situation you are in, for others. On each soul’s spiritual path, everyone has done things that they were not happy with, and which have hurt others. Those who were hurt by you perhaps suffered because of your actions, and now you are experiencing what they experienced. Often, it is not pleasant. However, once you have learned what it is you need to learn, the karma is completed.