When you judge another, you judge yourself. It is the Self who judges. Who are you to judge? Why do you judge? You do so because in your mind, in your ego, you believe what someone has done is wrong. Your Self needs to justify itself, and it can only do so when it can see what it perceives to be imperfection in another. You often set yourself up as judge and jury, believing you, and you alone, know what is good for another person. Often you feel that what they are doing is wrong, usually because it is something your Self would like to do, or could have done, but did not because of fear. Often it can be because of past life energy, such as something from a past incarnation that upset you. Very often what you are judging is what you do not want to see in yourself. Also, the situation can evoke much past life or present memory of pain in your own life, so much so that you feel the need to make judgment. Yet, how do you know something is wrong? Everyone has their own path and their own reasons for doing things. What if the person you judge is doing it for a higher good? There is a reason for every action on the Earth plane. There is a reason for everything. Nothing is by accident.

There is no right or wrong way of doing things. Everyone in your life is there for a reason. Each soul on the Earth plane is learning in the way the soul has chosen. Every soul is doing what they need to do to work out their karma, lessons, and life experiences. Nobody has the right to question another; each soul is given the gift of choice. It is your birthright to choose what you will do. Sometimes because of fear, people choose not to do something that they know they should do. You, on the other hand, know they should not be doing it – or you think you know. But, there are no accidents. Everything is perfect; if you do not learn something one way, the Universe will bring it in another way. The lesson or opportunity is presented many ways, until you choose to learn it.