Every individual on the Earth plane has intuition. It is an inner knowing, a feeling which just comes without any logical thinking. Intuition is felt very strongly within your heart, as it connects to your heart, and it connects you to the world of Spirit. It is like a telephone line between you and the world of Spirit. However, imagine the telephone line having a huge boulder on it, stopping communication. This is what it is like when the Self is the controlling force.

For the majority of your life, you have listened to the Self; it often sounds like the mind or “logic”. The Self is your protector, and never stops working to look after your survival; because of this, it does not like change. It is constantly on alert, scanning and planning for potential problems and how to stop them. When change occurs, the Self brings up all of your fears, doubts, insecurities – all of your negative emotions – in an attempt to stop you from making changes. In order for us in the spiritual realms to communicate with you, we need the Self to be occupied, so that it cannot interfere with our communication. When the Self – the mind – is occupied, then we can communicate on another level. We can send inspiration to you, give you information to help you on your life path, and send wonderful healing energy to you. This information is intuition.