Everyone wants to be important, to stand out, and to be recognized. The Self part of you wants to be “somebody,” for it wants to be a success, so that it can be respected and glorified. The Self will do all it can to pull you into emotional games, such as competition, comparison, control and manipulation, in order for you to achieve your importance. Whenever your purpose and intention is focused on your Self’s importance, you are wrapped into the illusion of Earth plane. This is because you are basing your happiness on external conditions. You will never be able to find true happiness, contentment and peace within yourself when the Self is in full control of your life.

The purpose of each soul on the Earth plane is service to both humanity and Spirit. In order to accomplish that, having true humility is a necessary attribute for the soul to develop. Those who do stand out and are recognized as such are those who have true humility, they require no props or applause, they are at peace within themselves, and their presence in a room can be felt before they enter! These individuals are not loud, yet when spoken to; they speak their truth with quietness and conviction, and have ultimate patience and empathy for those who are in need or distress. They understand the soul’s journey, and they have traveled that road. Their journey may not always have been the same as yours, but they can understand and have compassion for the path other souls have taken. More than anything, they are at peace within themselves, in their own silence, they have stilled the voice within, and those in their energy feel that peace and love which radiates from them.