higher self
What is the Higher Self? How can you tell whether a person is in the Higher Self? The energy of the Higher Self can be felt and seen in someone’s energy. The Higher Self emanates love, truth, selflessness, honesty, compassion, understanding, non-prejudice, and many more positive attributes. The Higher Self does not speak badly of anyone or anything; it only sees goodness in everything. The Higher Self resides in your heart. So anyone living in the Higher Self has an open heart. Their concerns are truly about caring and compassion, rather than money or financial/material reward. The Higher Self has total compassion and understanding for their fellow human. It never judges and criticizes, for it has complete understanding of any person and any situation. The Higher Self is always kind and tolerant, but it does not stand idle, nor will it be walked upon. It does not interfere with anyone’s life, and it detaches from other people’s problems, while still having empathy. The Higher Self lives in the now moment, it does not hold onto anything from the past. The Higher Self never worries about future; it has total faith and trust in the Universe that everything is meant to be. The Higher Self is free of ego, is completely unbiased, and possesses a love that surpasses all barriers and darkness.

The Higher Self is a part of everyone, but it has to be discovered and connected to by each person. Deep within each person is a love that surpasses all barriers. Because of the Self part of humanity, that love can be buried deep within you for many centuries. Because the Self controls the physical and emotional body of humans, love that is buried becomes like a seed that has been planted, but is waiting for rain. When the Higher Self is in control, love, like a seed, starts to grow. If that love can be left alone and unhindered by the Self, it will grow so big that it can encompass the entire world. When you have freed yourself of all limitations, conditioning, and the control of your Self, then you can truly connect to the Higher Self. It is through the connection with the Higher Self that enlightenment is achieved. Only then can your body, mind and soul become one with the Divine Source. This card is asking you to strive to discover and nurture the Higher Self part of you to free yourself of ego.