All healing is self-healing. Everyone has healing ability and therefore is a healer. You choose how you are going to respond to healing energy by your level of consciousness and your ability to unconditionally receive the healing energy that generates through you or through others.

Each person on the Earth plane is on a level of consciousness, some higher than others. For example, some people learn their life lessons very easily, and they move forward very quickly. They face the Self, and do not run away from what they need to learn. Other people keep themselves in their own hell, terrified to face their lessons – to face life itself, and so they stay trapped in their own energy. For those individuals who are moving forward, healing can take effect very quickly. When healing energy is given to them from Spirit, it acts immediately, for it ignites their positive energy, exponentially supporting the healing energy. For those individuals who are trapped in the Self, healing energy takes much longer to take effect: often many years of Earth time or even many lifetimes.