Fear has been the bane of humanity since the beginning of time. Every person on the Earth plane has fear. What is fear? Why do you have fear? Fear is when you think you cannot do something. Although fear is a surface emotion, the cause of it is always rooted in two sources. One source is the experiences you have had before in past lives, and that you did not react those experiences in a positive manner. The second source is your feeling that you are not capable of doing something; not feeling good or worthy enough. Fear is the root of all “negative” emotions on the Earth plane.

Fear is the Self in all its glory. The Devil of the Christian religion represents the physical manifestation of fear. While you have fear, you cannot move forward, no matter what you do. The unreleased fear travels with you incarnation after incarnation, and in each incarnation it becomes more difficult to face. Yet, what is fear? Fear is just an emotion, an energy, it is a trapped energy. So, you are trapped by your fear. Life after life, you run away from it, despite those in the spiritual world bringing that fear into your life to assist you to free yourself from it.