Spiritual evolution is about letting go of your fears and having faith that you can create your own reality. What is faith? Faith is having confidence or trust in a person or thing; faith is trusting in yourself; faith is a belief that is not based on proof, logic or material evidence. Faith contains no fear, it does not live in the past, nor is it concerned about future. Faith simply lives in the now moment, with total trust and belief that the Universe leads you to where you have to go and informs you what you have to do. Being spiritual means letting go of all material desires, and trusting that the spiritual realms will bring all that you need. Every soul on the Earth plane is already blessed by the Universe, as it is your birthright.

All you need will be provided for you, you just need to send out your request to the Universe and then have the faith that it will come, and it will. However, the Self part of you has no faith, no trust and no patience; it lives in the past with fear, doubt, insecurity and all other negative emotions. It sabotages you, by telling you to not have faith in Spirit. Before the Universe can bring you what you have asked for, your Self starts to create negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts can destroy your faith and trust in Spirit, and even stop you from moving forward in vibration.