exchange energy

One big lesson to learn in spiritual development is exchanging energy for services rendered. For so many on the path of awakening, the thought of paying for a service connected with the world of Spirit is looked upon with surprise and resentment. The adage seems to be “If it is from God, why is it not free?” There has to be an exchange of energy for everything, whether for a bottle of milk, or for a spiritual workshop. That is why the soothsayers of the past would say “Cross my palm with silver” before giving a reading. The exchange of energy provides an opportunity for the Universe to bring in more to the giver. If the cycle of energy exchange is maintained, there is never lack. You give and you receive. This is the concept behind religious tithing in the world today. However, energy exchange is not just for religious tithing. Energy exchange is the Universal Law of what you give, so shall you receive. Energy exchange works for all people, once they can let go of their fear of lack.

Exchanging energy does not always have to be in the form of money. If you have a money problem, but truly need a reading, healing or other service, you can find another way to exchange energy. The energy exchange could be done by providing some other goods or service to the person who did the reading for you. Whatever you decide to do, there has to be an exchange of energy for what you give and what you receive. Exchanging energy keeps things flowing and allows the Universe to constantly supply abundance to your life.