Do you know who you are? You may think that you know, yet you do not know exactly who you are. You are made up of all of the ideas that many people have conditioned you with over the years. All of your life you have been fed a diet of what was right and what was wrong. Very rarely have you been able to make decisions for yourself. This is called conditioning. It was fed to you from the moment that you were able to communicate, and is probably still being fed to you in one way or another. Your mother and your father chose what you will wear, eat and be exposed to. It does not matter that you have different needs than they do; they cannot see that, all they see is their desire to assist you in what they deem to be your growth. At school, you are again conditioned to believe that there is only one system. If you are a creative person with very little left-brain activity, today’s education in most facilities does not consider your gifts. Again, you are conditioned to believe in one system, but this time a group holds that conditioned belief. Do you know that in your television viewing, only 3 hours of continued viewing is required for information to be absorbed by the subconscious mind and become reality?