The Journey


Everyone on the Earth plane is a soul on a journey of soul evolution. Soul evolution is accomplished through paying and receiving karmic debt, working on letting go of past life energy and learning life lessons.

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The Creator


Before each soul incarnates on the Earth plane, they choose the many different opportunities for their learning in order to achieve soul growth. Your soul’s purpose is to be the creator of your own reality and to become the master of your own destiny. Every soul is made by the Creator of the Universe as [...]

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Spiritual development is not an easy path to take; it is a path of testing. Why? For when you embark on this path, you begin to clear away hundreds of incarnations of locked stale energy that has never been expressed.




Everyone is born to experience a life with happiness, joy, success, and abundance. However, many cannot create that success because the Self, like a dog with a bone, keeps chewing away at the negative energy from the past.




Why is it important to have time for silence? How can silence benefit your busy life? In silence, you can listen to the soul part of you. In silence you can speak to God. To be in silence does not mean that you have to sit in silence, stiff and upright, all it means that [...]

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