Having patience is one of the biggest lessons everyone needs to learn in order to develop on a spiritual level. Without patience, you will not move forward. In modern society, there is a conditioning that everything needs to be done quickly. There is no time to stop and enjoy the smell of a flower, or to watch a stream meander through a meadow. Life has become a continual rush and hustle. You can be easily occupied by busy schedules, activities and obligations; rushing through life without time to listen to your own inner needs. This inner guidance is your connection to Spirit, and when you take time to allow Spirit to work on you, you will be able to recognize the issues you need to deal with.

Patience is especially important during your spiritual development. During that time, the world of Spirit is working with you, adjusting your etheric body in order for you to raise your vibration from one level to another. If they rush the work they do because of your impatience, your human body would not be able to handle the energetic adjustment.

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