Every soul has a life plan. What have you chosen to learn in this lifetime? Discover the keys to this knowledge by looking at your Astrology. Astrology is extremely important in your life, especially if you are choosing a path of learning through your spiritual development. Who are you? What is your life purpose? What are you on the Earth plane to complete and learn from? What in your path is holding you back? The answers to these questions, and many more, can be found in your astrology.
Your astrological birth chart (natal chart) is your life plan that you chose to bring with you. It is a blue print of what you have come to the Earth plane to deal with, and includes such things as; what you have carried over from past lives, what you are going to experience in this lifetime, and what you have already completed in the past. Your natal chart has all of the answers. You cannot move forward spiritually until you become aware of the energy of your astrology. You can become a great healer, or psychic, with all the knowledge that you can learn. However, if you are not aware of your life lessons, you cannot move to a higher vibration. Only when you understand your astrology, only then can you have the necessary information for you to raise your vibration.