Understanding is one of the most important attributes that a human being needs to have, no matter whether it is to understand a person, a situation, a matter, a nation or a belief. The majority of society tends to judge and criticize quickly when in a situation of confrontation, or when they meet someone who is different from them. Most of the time, they don’t even try to understand the other individual. You do not realize what you do not like in another, is what you do not like in yourself. You are looking at a mirror image of yourself. You can say, “I am not like that at all”, but it is what is hidden that you often do not see.

There are no accidents. Life is filled with opportunities to enable every soul to learn their chosen life lessons, to pay and receive their karmic debts, and to work out their past life energy. Everyone in your life is a teacher or a mirror, even those whom you term “enemies”. These people can often be your best friends in the world of Spirit. They come to help you learn life lessons and attain soul growth. So often you become affronted by what people say and do; yet they are only bringing to your attention things you need to learn. If you do not see this, and don’t learn from the experience, you limit your soul growth. The soul will stay stagnant in the comfort zone. It is a wonderful place to be for some, but not a place where one can grow spiritually.