Thought is energy. Every thought becomes something. From the moment of its conception, the thought becomes reality. Every time you think – whether good or bad – you immediately set up a reality. When you think a thought about something or someone, that thought is destined to manifest. If it does not, it goes back within your body. However, it does not go back to where it came from, because it has been created and cannot be uncreated. So it goes within the subtle body and stays there – unmoving, still, and waiting – until it can be used.

If it is not used (which is usually the case), then it becomes stagnant, negative energy. This stagnant, negative energy permeates the subtle body and eventually (because it is not going anywhere) creates blocks in your auric field. This energy then travels to a part of the body and gathers in the chakras. Then those thoughts start to affect the physical body and cause dis-ease on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Often when you have a thought about someone, you can feel that you want to communicate something, but you are not able to. When this takes place, you set up an energy (thought) block in the throat chakra. Perhaps you are frightened to open up the door to the spiritual part of you. So, you think about this, but do not do it. This then creates an energy (thought) block in the third eye or crown chakra. Because the energy blocks cannot be seen, they stay in the chakras over time – often for many incarnations – becoming more and more dense because it cannot move.