Sexual energy is a very important energy within each human being. The purpose of sexual energy is to assist in spiritual development, and to raise the body’s vibration and consciousness. Sexual energy is connected to the chakra system. When sexual energy is properly used, the release of this energy allows the chakras to be cleared, renews every cell of the physical body, and provides a feeling of peace – a euphoria that allows neurons in the brain to produce endorphins, which provide hormonal balance. Sexual energy can also be transmuted into creative energy.

Sexual energy opens up the Kundalini. Without the opening up of the Kundalini and the burning away of the etheric web at the base of the neck with the Kundalini fire, higher spiritual awareness will always be denied. Kundalini can be raised by yogis, or by meditation over many years of discipline. However, all you need to open up the Kundalini is the right sexual partner, and the right energy. Once the Kundalini burns away the etheric web, a higher state of consciousness can be achieved. Sex is very important to spiritual growth, for it opens the chakra system and allows the energy to flow freely, as it should be. Sex on a spiritual level can be a very beautiful experience, it also opens the base chakra – and in turn all the other chakras – allowing the true flow of energy throughout the subtle bodies. Spirituality can be accelerated by the raising of the Kundalini. For those individuals who do achieve this higher state of consciousness, they become one with God, and finally have communion with the Ultimate Being.