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Wisdom Cards

Maitreya Wisdom Cards are designed to give you your daily dose of spiritual guidance. Use Maitreya’s words of wisdom in your life to help you to choose areas of focus for the day, take guided action, or gain a deeper understanding of yourself..


Have the wisdom of Maitreya at your fingertips with the Maitreya Quotes App. Whatever situation you are facing in life, from triumphs to challenges, Maitreya has a quote to assist you. Start by generating a random quote for the day, the quote that appears will always contain wisdom apt for what is going on in your life.

Wisdom Card for the Week


“I knew a little about the cards until I purchased this app. These cards contain a wealth of knowledge and information about Life. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn more about their lives and want to move on with their lives. This is a must have app for their iPads and iPhones!”


“Thank you Margaret, I’m grateful for being able to assist. I am also a new user of your wonderful app of wisdom cards. I had some wonderful words of wisdom to read through today. I’m surprised how insightful the cards are and how well they resonated with me. I highly recommend them and I’m also looking forward to your new book!”

Sally Lakin, in FB Maitreya Fan Page

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